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After-sales Commitment

Service commitment statement:

Our company has more than ten years of professional experience in the production of silicon refractory materials, using high-quality raw materials, advanced production equipment, precise physical and chemical testing equipment, and established an effective management system to ensure the stability of product quality. With the best product quality, and first-class after-sales service to the customer's solemn commitment.

1. Product quality commitment

Our company passed ISO90001-2000 in 2007 and passed the ISO90001-2008 quality management system in 2010. In the production process, it strictly operates in accordance with the procedure documents, quality assurance manuals and operation instructions specified in the ISO90001-2008 quality management system, and forms an effective quality control means to keep the product quality under control.

1. Our company's refractory products are produced in strict accordance with national and industrial standards. Responsible for product quality.

2. Strictly control the quality of raw materials, conduct quality analysis on each batch of raw materials according to national standards, strictly follow the principle that unqualified raw materials are not allowed to enter the factory, and strictly control the quality of each batch of raw materials entering the factory.

3. In the whole process of production, strictly select raw materials, granulation, mixing, molding, kiln, sintering, kiln inspection and product clearance, and carry out white inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and other means. To ensure the continuity and tracking of quality management, fully implement the production process product responsibility system, that is, the upper process is responsible for the next process, and the next process strictly prohibits the failure of the previous process to enter the next process. system.

4. The process of each step in the production process is sampled and analyzed by the full-time quality inspectors. The semi-finished products that are not qualified are not allowed to flow into the next process.

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5, the production of refractory products into the warehouse will be in accordance with national and industry standards for selection, palletizing, sampling for physical and chemical testing, qualified products according to standard quality inspection stamp, packaging, shipping.

2. After-sales service commitment

1. Providing quality technical consulting services to customers for purchasing and using the refractory products of the company.

2. Establish user files, and return visits, communication and tracking services to users from time to time, mutual trust and cooperation to ensure users' safe production in the kiln cycle.

3. The customer service telephone and fax automatic reception of the enterprise marketing department. And 24 hours on duty to serve customers.