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Zhenfa has been in business for 17 years from its establishment. From the initial start-up to the present, we have gone through a struggle with painstaking efforts. We are grateful to all sectors of the community for their strong support and selfless care, and to the hard-working employees who work hard in all positions!

A person can only achieve success if he is confident and hard working, especially in a company. Shang Haijun, Qianzhou competed. Confidence makes us more confident in this environment where competition and development are at the same time, opportunities and challenges coexist, and we strive to let us learn to be down-to-earth and relentless pursuit. With these two points, the company has laid the foundation for development. Excellent thinking stems from excellent culture. It is a company that customers like, employees happiness, industry recognition, and social satisfaction. Building China's leading brand of refractory materials is the principle that Zhenfa always pursues and the goal of constant pursuit.

Over the years, Zhenfa Company has been committed to the production and research and development of glass kiln products. Through standardization, professionalization, quality, information and automation, we have created a retail-free, zero-service inspection-free product for our customers with the spirit of craftsmanship. At the same time, we will actively assume more and greater social responsibilities, and through the improvement of our own business performance, create greater economic benefits for the society and deliver more outstanding talents.

In the future, Zhenfa will continue to follow the trend, seize opportunities, change concepts, develop and innovate, nurture people with excellent culture, shape people with mature management, motivate people with superior salary, and work together with all Zhenfa colleagues. Promote the greater development of Zhenfa, and create new glory in the development of Zhenfa.